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Managed Services

If IT plays a critical role in your business to the point where you lose business operations if your systems or networks fail, You should consider a more proactive approach to your IT management by using Vertuliz IT Solutions managed services to reduce the risk of business losses.

  • What really happens when your technology lets you down?
  • How much staff time is wasted dealing with slow computers or system crashes?
  • And if your system crashes, how do you recover your data

If you don’t know the answers to these questions you need a Trusted IT Partner.

Support and Maintenance

We handle any computer, network or server problem (including Windows, virus and spyware problems) via remote support or on-site.

Proactive System Monitoring

Constant monitoring of your computers and network alerting us to any early warning signs of impending problems.

Remote Access

Secure remote access, enabling our team to see the problem from our office, allowing us to provide faster diagnosis and resolution times.

Backup Monitoring

We check your backups to ensure your information is safe and can be restored safely.


Shielding your computer networks from internet attack through monitoring of equipment and security software.


Easy access for all your staff to our quality support consultants anytime they have a computer question or problem.


Recommended technology vendors partner for specialised business and technology requirements eg. internet, phones and business applications.

No Downtime Guarantee

We are so confident of the results that our Managed Services carries a money back ‘No Downtime’ guarantee.

Our technicians are highly skilled and are always available​ to provide solutions to your your IT requirements. Our technicians are competent, experienced professionals who provide IT solutions in a non-technical & friendly manner, which is why much of our work comes from referral from satisfied customers who have no hesitation in recommending us.​​


How do we do it?

We use software to manage your network just like a large company’s IT department automating some routine preventative maintenance, with the ability to remotely access your systems to fix small issues and the functionality to see your networks performance end to end.​


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Quick Support Vertuliz IT Solutions

Vertuliz IT Solutions provide support across:

All hardware

New equipment

Internet connections

Office 365 setup

Cloud service and applications

Data recovery

Network audits and recommendations

Website custom designed

Email hosting

Backup solutions

Search Engine (Google) help

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